Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training

Size: Large
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Take Deep Probing to A Whole New Level!
Key Features:

Flexible and Tapered: Made for easy entry, the thin end gradually tapers to more extreme girths. The material is smooth and flexible for ease and comfort.
Strong Suction Base: Each hose has a strong suction base that can keep the toy in place. Mount against any flat surface for a hands-free experience!
Test Your Limits: These phthalate-free PVC hose snakes deep inside the anus. With three different lengths, you can test your limits and explore new depths.
These tapered anal hoses train your ass for new depths. Made of phthalate-free PVC, they are compatible with silicone and water based lubes. The smooth, flexible hoses start small and taper up to a larger width until they reach the base. Try all three to test your limits and train for even deeper challenges! 

After inserting plenty of lube into the anus, cover the end of the toy with lube as well. With the toy mounted to a flat surface, use your free hands to slowly glide the toy in and stretch your greedy hole, applying more lube as needed. Enjoy the feeling of snaking this long hose down your drain until you reach the base. When you’ve conquered the smallest size, try the next largest!


Large Measurements: Overall length 19.5 inches, insertable length 18 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.9 inches, narrowest diameter 0.6 inches

Medium Measurements: Overall length 16.75 inches, insertable length 15.5 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.75 inches, narrowest diameter 0.5 inches

Small Measurements: Overall length 13.5 inches, insertable length 12.5 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.4 inches, narrowest diameter 0.4 inches

Materials: Non-phthalate PVC

Color: Nude

Note: This is a complete set. Each purchase includes 1 of each size.

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