Remote Control G-Spot Clitoral Stimulators with Suction

Color: Pink Red
Sale price$39.99


Pleasing you or your partner inside and out with eight over-the-top sensation settings and lots of intensity options, this flexible, uniquely body conscious vibe features loads of high tech design with simple, ergonomic handling and control.

Once you've slipped it into place, the flexible form bends and twists dynamically to suit individual body contours before settling into position against your g-spot. As you're revelling in a perfect inner massage, the vibrator magical vibrator capabilities will be thrilling your clitoris and/or other outer sweet spots. Employing unique sonic waves of stimulation, the silky, scooped-out little treatment cup gently, tirelessly and intensely pulsates and throbs at in synch with inner vibration. it's thoughtful flexibility allows you to position the cup just right over your or your partner's clitoris. The vibrator sensation is completely different from the feeling you'll get from vibration- it's both more subtle and more direct. Some users say it feels like perfect, patient oral sex, while others just say that it feels absolutely amazing, or 'clitorally mindblowing.' Sounds about right!

Fully USB rechargeable, it will charge completely in approximately 2 hours. The required charge cord is, of course, included.

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