Metal Butt Plug Bell Anal

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This glamorous butt plug set includes 3 gem-based butt plugs that allow you to increase passionate anal stimulation in a safe and comfortable way. Each probe in our kit gradually increases in length and girth for excellent enjoyment at every level of pleasure play. From Shallow to Deep - Small: 27*70mm, Medium: 33*82mm, Large: 40*95mm.

This anal plug can be used separately or combined with traction chain or bell, shiny imitation gemstone base, double bell ornament and more stimulation. With the new type of traction chain, you can enjoy various sexual experiences, flirt, introduce, and achieve the ultimate orgasm. Add a touch of playful fetish fun and erotic mystery to your love life.

This smooth, flexible butt plug training set is ergonomic and perfectly fits your natural inner shape. Each anal plug has an ingenious curve that can massage your different sexy parts. In men, the plugs stimulate the prostate. In men, plugs stimulate the backyard. For women, an anal plug will create incredible pleasure in the back wall of the vagina, can also be inserted into the vagina, double stimulation.

Solid stainless steel anal plug, easier to clean than silicone, safe and odorless, durable and easy to clean, leaving you feeling light after every experience. As each increase in your training expands your horizons.

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