4 in 1 Automatic Male Masrturbator Cup with Manual Pressing

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4 strong vacuum suction power for high-level players. The suction power of this automatic male masturbator toy is very strong. It has 4 vacumm suction modes which is really strong. It seems that can suck everything in, like a black hole. So this sucking male masturbators is more suitable for experienced players who can withstand more intense stimulation. Forget the weak ones. This masturbator cup will redefine sucking.

Upgraded vibrating motors with strong vibration. This vibrating male masturbator cup has 2 upgraaded motors which can prvide 10 vibration modes. You can cycle through 10 different vibrating modes to find the one which can hit your point. Besides, the electric male masturbator has manunal press area. Also you can squeeze the sleeve to add more fun.

Penis training for erection. This is not only a masturbation toy but also a penis pump which can massage and train your penis at the same time. This masturbation cup uses the principle of pumps. Sustained sucking can help the corpus cavernosa congest and harden. If you have any problems getting erect or you are not satisfied with your hardness. Then take this training sex toy home. It will help you to get erect and be an iron man.

Automatic cleaning system and premium material. It has 2 cleaning methods of this male sex toy. You can use the automatic cleaning system by immersing the opening inthe water and turning on the power button. Also you can detach it and clean the sleeve sapratly. Either is easy to operate. Say bye to the pain of cleaning! The inner sleeve is made of skin- freindly TPE is lined with rows and pleasure nubs which can wrap and stimulate your penis all-around.

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